Who is Mosaic ?

A Mosaic is a person who, of his free will, belongs to the Mosaic Religion (“Dat Moshe”): orthodox, reform, conservative, etc.

Each of the Mosaic currents in our state deserves its own religious institutions, which would determine its rituals, prayers, ceremonies etc. and nominate its rabbis.

In our epoch, all the principal religions, including the Mosaic Religion, are universal (in contrast with the ancient era, when each people had its national religion, and the Mosaic Religion was the Hebrew national religion), so the religious appurtenance has no national significance, as the national appurtenance has no religious significance. So,  A.  The Mosaics are of different ethnicities and nationalities (though the vast majority of them are Hebrews),  B.  The Hebrews are of different beliefs (though most of them are Mosaics). But, between the Mosaics of all ethnicities and nationalities, the holy land and the holy city, Jerusalem, there exists an affinity and a religious liaison, no smaller than the one between the Catholics, Rome and the Vatican, and there are ethnical affinity and liaisons between all the ethnic Hebrews in the world and the Hebrew national state with its historical capital.

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