The Religious Coercion

It is unacceptable for the state to ignore two basic facts:

1.  In The Mosaic Religion, as in other religions, there are different currents. The principle ones are the orthodox current, the reform current and the conservative current.

2. The majority of the ethnic Hebrews do not see themselves as appertaining to a certain religious Mosaic current, but rather consider themselves to be secular, a large section of whom are atheists. It is inadmissible that, at the dawn of the third millennium, ours is the last state in the world which behaves like in the days of the Inquisition12) and castigates the very existence of religious currents (the reform Mosaic current and the conservative Mosaic current) and of the secular majority.

It is inadmissible that politicians, with a big appetite for governing, “sell” the rights of the secular public in order to fulfill their political ambitions. It is inadmissible that, in our modern times, our government and Knesset violate the freedom of belief (and secularism is a belief, too) by state laws, and adopt a blind eye policy towards the violent acts against the non-orthodox and towards the orthodox institutions which support (and often initiate) these acts of violence. Can anyone imagine, for example, that in our days in England, Catholics would have to be married in an Anglican church by an Anglican priest, or to officiate burials by the Anglican rituals, or forced to adapt to the Anglican religious norms of life and behavior? Such a disgrace exists only in our country. Does anybody know a modern country in which a religious current is incited by its institutions against the beliefs and ways of life of other religious currents or against the seculars and their way of life? Do there still exist Christian priests who organize attacks against seculars that profane the Sunday, holy to the Christians13)?

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12)       In the dark period of the Inquisition, the very existence of currents in Christianity, besides the Catholic current, was denied, and these currents and their believers were persecuted. back

13)     In the modern age, the last time that “profanation of Sunday” was forbidden was in the eighteenth century, in Massachusetts and its surroundings, by bigot puritans. As everybody knows, the American laws of our days separate religion from the state. back

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