The Civil State

The most adequate name for a democratic constitutional state, which assures the civil rights of its citizens and separates religion from state, should be a “Civil State”. Since the state should not be involved in belief issues regarded as personal matters of the individual, the notion “Secular State” would not be correct, since it is related to a certain belief (secularity is also a kind of belief).

The Hebrew state should be a state of all its citizens, i.e. it should be a civil state. Religion should be separated from the state – the state should adopt the principle that belief is the personal matter of the individual, and it should not involve itself in matters of religion including legislation, budgeting etc.. It will regard the freedom of belief as a fundamental right and will defend this right by limiting the activity of the religious establishment to religious matters (prayers, religious ceremonies etc.) concerning only  their own believers. There is only a single way for this to happen: From the civil aspect, the Hebrew culture and the Hebrew national institutions will again take their place, and “Judaism” should not continue as their surrogate; From the religious aspect, “Judaism” must once again be limited to its religious dimension as the Mosaic Religion, and be denominated according to its actual use in religious ceremonies (e.g.: people marry by “Dat Moshe”, “Moses Religion”, or “The Mosaic Religion”).

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