Prof. Edward Said’s “End to the Ethnic Conflict”

The Hebrew national territory was named by some conquerors (the Romans and the British) “Palestine”, using the name of the Philistine people who did not exist anymore in order to disassociate this territory from its national connection, in an attempt to deny any national right to it and to give it only a geographical significance.

The Palestinian Authority and its leaders know very well that in this territory (or on any territory, actually) there are no Palestinian national roots. In consequence they staged some phantasmagorias, with ridiculous costumes and settings, in an attempt to connect themselves to this territory by trying to tie the Palestinian nationhood to Canaanite, Phrygian and Jebusite roots.

If they desire to be tied to the Hebrew national territory, it would be more reasonable and logical for them to try to find connections to Hebrew historical, ethnic and cultural roots rather than Canaanite, Phrygian, and Jebusite ones, making themselves risible in the eyes of the world and even in their own eyes, according to their public reactions. It is even reasonable to assume that many of their ancestors were Hebrews, some of them forced during the Byzantine and Crusaders periods of occupation to convert to Christianity, and some of them forced during the Muslim occupation to convert to Islam (Many researches support this idea, and even David Ben-Gurion believed in it).

The opinion of Prof. Edward Said from Colombia University, USA, that a Palestinian state is not viable even in the maximum territory it might obtain in a final settlement, and that such a state will not put an end to the ethnic and state conflict, and therefore one state should be established for all the inhabitants from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean sea, obliges him to reach a logical conclusion. If there should be only one state between the Jordan river and the sea, and since the claims of the existence of a Palestinian people which has Jebusite-Phrygian-Canaanite roots and the claims of the existence of an Orthodox Mosaic Jewish people are both void, then the one state should be the Hebrew State and its people would be the Hebrew people, and all the citizens of the state would be integrated, regardless of their race, ethnic origin, belief, etc.  The most honorable Prof. Edward Said should know that only when this aspiration will have been adopted by all the subjects of the Palestinian Authority, and that they will really want to see themselves as part of the Hebrew people and to be tied to the Hebrew history, to the Hebrew culture and by that to the Hebrew territory, only then will it be possible to have one state, a civil, democratic, Hebrew state.

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