The National State

      The national state is, by definition, a state in which all its citizens have the same nationality, differing in that from the bi-national or multinational states. So, all the citizens of the Netherlands are Dutch nationals, including the colored people who originated in Indonesia, all the citizens of Switzerland are Swiss, including all language groups, all ethnic groups and all the religious currents of its population, all the citizens of France are French, including five million  ethnic Arab Moslems, etc.

      Since its creation our state has been defined as a national state. Despite this, its institutions behave contrary to this definition. The existence of the paragraph “nationality” in the ID shows that the state institutions do not understand (!?) that the Hebrew State is a national state, therefore its citizens constitute a single nation; hundreds of thousands who at the “nationality” section in the ID are registered  as  “Russians”,  hundreds of thousands  who are  registered  as  “Arabs” etc.,  transform the state,  de facto and de jure,  into a multinational state  of the worst  segregationist and  racist  kind. The cause of this situation, as of other situations described further on: The lack of differentiation between the notions of nation, ethnicity and belief enables the rabbis to extend their authority beyond the frame of religion. The factor: Unscrupulous political parties and irresponsible leaders. The motive: Payoff for governmental coalitions, satisfying the thirst of the religious establishments for hegemony by creating a forced dependence of the citizens on rabbis, religious institutions, and “Halacha”.

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