The Hebrew Identity Doctrine

By Shmuel Galor


“Every truth undergoes three phases:

At first, it’s ridiculed,
Afterwards it’s fiercely attacked,
Finally, it’s unanimously accepted”




      “In various places in the national territory or in foreign lands, in diverse circumstances and in different periods of time, we called ourselves or were called by others Judeans, Hebrews, Israelites and other names, including pejoratively  Jew, Juif, Jid etc.

         Within our people’s right to self-determination, it is our right to choose, from all the legitimate names, the identity definition that suits the national, civil and statehood needs of our people – the other names remaining as additional legitimate denominations that bind us to our cultural and background diversity. All the nations that succeeded in their process of self-determination underwent this necessary phase. We have to undergo it, too.”


Click here to read the first chapter: Identity Crisis.



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